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Absorbeurs Solaires haute Température Oxydo-Résistants microteXturés

Le projet

Solar thermal receivers used today in concentrated solar power (CSP) plants show very high thermal losses when the working temperature is above 500°C. Although cylindrical receivers using a vacuum insulation are showing potential usage up to 550°C, in the case of CSP technologies targeting higher temperatures like Fresnel and central towers, the receivers are not vacuum sealed. Thus they are subjected to thermal losses due to convection, radiation and damage associated to corrosion and to material aging and/or damage resulting from cyclic variations of temperature and mechanical stresses. The ASTORIX project aims to develop new absorption selective coatings for solar receivers installed in concentrated solar power (CSP) plants using central tower and linear Fresnel technologies working at temperatures above 500°C. The objective is to combine new solar selective coatings based on materials known to sustain high temperatures, and microstructures able to maintain a low level of emissivity and improve the absorption.

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Partenaires R&D, CTI :
Centre de Science des matériaux et des structures (SMS) - MINES Sainte-EtienneLaboratoire Hubert CurienPROMES
Partenaires PME, TPE, ETI :
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République Française
ANR 2014-2018
Pôle chef de fileViaMéca

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